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112 023 22 006542

Main Image
Chassis Number: 112 023 22 006542
Engine Number: 189 987 22 00044
Build Date: July 9164
Exterior Colour: blue
Owner's Name: Mark Lawrence
Location: Geelong

Vehicle History:

This Coupe was delivered to Australia as a Black (040) over tan car to the ownership of a Collingwood based Cheese company . Local car historians had thought that no Black 300SE had been imported to Australia until Paul produced the data card. It was driven by the The MD of the company, who clearly liked the car as he kept it for many years and changed the colour 3 times .Finishing with its current blue shade. 

It was in the ownership of Paul Denyer from Melbourne for 33 years after he acquired the car from a well known Mercedes Collector who is also a world renown musician. That gentleman told Paul when he acquired the car in 1988 that it was not old enough for his collection. It has all books and paperwork to validate its 79222 miles of travel.

The car is in a relatively good state for its age . It runs and drives. Paul had, had trouble with it stalling and it has been driven sparingly in the last 10 years. 

It was acquired with the plan to put a bored 6.3 motor transplant in and do a complete rebuild.  The team at Sleeping Beauties identified the need for an adjustment to a mechanism on the throttle body and it now runs like a sewing machine again! A good example of expert knowledge allowing these cars to be enjoyed to their full potential. They cannot be maintained successfully without lots of care. I am grateful to James Trevillion for the 3 volume workshop service manuals I have acquired to enable knowledge to be passed on for the balance of my car's lives in my stewardship.

The original car that was transplanted with an M 100 engine and drove past the office window of Rudolf Uhlenhaut was a 250 S that had fallen off the production line. Eric Waxenberger had less trouble putting the engine in the extra space of the higher and longer engine bay of this car . The later decision to put the engine into the 300SEL required some fancy engineering (and engine tilting in the RHD version ) . 

A complete 6.3 M100 motor, 300SEL drivetrain and suspension has been sourced. The motor will be bored to 6.8 and the thicker and stronger suspension will form the core of the transplant. Stronger components will be sourced as needed. 

The 300SEL 6.3 created a new vehicle niche. The high powered, luxury 4 door sedan. We now known that the high powered coupe is an even more sought after luxury concept. Imagine what would have happened if Stuttgart had decided to extend the life of the more elegant, chromed and veneered 300SE.

This car will attempt to answer that question.