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Here at M.B Spares we have always been interested in the rare and the strange when it comes to collectible Mercedes-Benz vehicles. So as a service to like minded customers we are introducing our new Register service for these cars. Basically we are looking at models with variants of less than 100 units. For example the RHD version of the 280SE 3.5 cabriolet of which only 71 were produced.

Scroll down through the list to see if your car is there, if so you can follow the instruction in each registry to record your car.

280SE 3.5 RHD Coupe & Cabriolet Register

Legend has it that only 71 examples were made in RHD of this the final version of the W111 cabriolet with the 3.5lt V8 engine. And only 7 were officailly imported to Australia. The rest presumably went to the other RHD counties…

300SE RHD Coupe & Cabriolet Register

The 300SE was the absolute top of the range Coupe or Cabriolet in the mid 60's. And understandably production numbers were low in RHD with only 92 Cabriolets being made. Today they are a very sort after model with lovers of…

Crayford Register

Before Mercedes-Benz started production of the W123 series wagon in 1977 if you wanted a wagon you had to buy a sedan and have it converted by a coach builder. One such Coach Builder was the UK based Crayford Auto Developments…

O319 10 seat Luxury Coach Register

The O319 was available in a number of seating configurations, each with a number of different specifications or options. But basically they came in 10, 17 and 18 seat versions. Of all the O319's made, reportedly only 961 of…