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Mercedez Benz Clubs

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There are over 80 Mercedes-Benz car clubs in the world that all operate as individual chapters of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Club GmbH (MBCCC) It is the central umbrella organization for all Mercedes-Benz clubs. 
You can check out the MBCCCI website here. (Go all the way to the bottom to change it to English)

Whilst there is no Mercedes-Benz Car club of Australia most states and territories have their separate clubs. Contact details are listed below. NT is handled by the SA club and TAS is handled by the VIC club. All of the clubs listed below are approved by Mercedes- Benz AG. Clubs with links to there own webpage are highlighted.

We would recommend these clubs to you to compliment your ownership of the finest vehicle in the world. 

Mercedes-Benz Club of the ACT

The Mercedes-Benz Club of the ACT started from an ad in the local paper by Terry Birmingham, wanting to meet up with fellow Mercedes-Benz owners. That was in 1976. Today the club has over 160 members. Monthly meeting are held…

Mercedes-Benz Club of NSW

The Mercedes-Benz Club NSW (Inc) was formed in 1972, when a small group of Mercedes enthusiasts came together to form what is now MBCNSW.The club has grown over time to a much larger membership of 580 members, with approximately…

Mercedes-Benz Club of Queensland

The club was founded on December 19, 1971 by a small group of enthusiasts in Brisbane.  The founding meeting took place on a Monday, March 6, 1972   A sticker for the car window was designed and continues to be granted…

Mercedes-Benz Club of South Australia

The Mercedes-Benz Club of SA was founded in June 1974. Much like how the ACT club started the Reverend Clem Minge put an ad in the local newspaper "The Advertiser" looking for fellow Mercedes-Benz owners.  Activities…

Mercedes-Benz Club of Victoria

The Mercedes-Benz Club of Victoria was founded in December 1970.  Activities include: driving events such as rallies, workshop days, picnics, barbecues, visits to restaurants and Dinner Dances.  General meetings are…

Mercedes-Benz Club of Western Australia.

The Mercedes-Benz Car Club of Western Australia organizes a variety of different activities for there members. Members are informed about the activities in the magazine megastar and newsletters that are sent regularly via email.…