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The A Class pages.

Hello, this is one of the very early pages from our website. This one was published in 1999 and by todays standards looks terrible. It does however have some good information in it so we have left it up on the web. 


A-Class A160

Here are some pictures and information on the first generation W168 A Class. I have also included a series of pictures that show how the seats can fold up and be removed.

The A Class was introduced in Australia in October 1998, It uses the innovative sandwich floor concept, which, as the name suggests, sandwiches the engine and mechanical components between two steel floors. In addition to improving occupant safety - the engine is pushed into the space between the floors in the event of a frontal impact - the occupants sit 20 cm higher than in an equivalent vehicle. As well as giving a more commanding seating position with excellent visibility, occupants are kept above the critical impact zone in the event of a side impact with a conventional car.

The flat interior floor, along with adjustable, folding, and removable rear seats make the A-Class range an extremely practical choice. Safety is important to the A-Class, too. Every car in the range is fitted with ABS (anti-lock brakes), ESP® (Electronic Stability Program) and BAS (Brake Assist) which applies maximum braking pressure in emergency conditions. Driver and passenger front and side airbags and belt force limiters are standard, with windowbags optionally available.

This car is a A160, it has a 1.6lt 4 cyl engine and is front wheel drive. There is also a A140 and A190 available here in Australia. They have 1.4 and 1.9lt engines respectively. The diesel versions are not available here in Australia.

Front view.

Rear view

The seat removal system is great! This is the back with everything in place. There is a curtain that can be pulled out so people cant see what you have in the back. Lifting it out is the first step. There is also a tray on the boot floor to protect the mats and stop things sliding everywhere in the back.

Each one of the rear seats is separately removable.

Or they can be folded forward. There is a special brace to stop them from falling back.

It is quite big with both of them out!

But it is even bigger with the front seat out aswell.

And of course with the front seat out you can take a great picture of the dash

Looks like the engine? WRONG. The engine is way down below all this plastic stuff. Not looking forward to the first spark plug change!