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The BINZ pages.

This page was first published in 1998, two years after we launched on the internet. Since then we have purchased a Binz W110 wagon. You can see pictures of its restoration here.

A page devoted to the many specials based on Mercedes-Benz chassis.

BINZ & Co. Coachworks in Lorch/Germany were founded by Michael Binz in 1936. Nowadays BINZ is a first class innovative special purpose automobile builder - from rescue vehicles to stretched limousines. Companies like Daimler-Chrysler, Volkswagen and others rely on the BINZ' know-how and closely cooperate with this manufacturer in the South-West of Germany.

BINZ engineers transform good automobiles into even better ones. By stretching, enlarging and creating new designs or installing special purpose gear, an ambulance vehicle comes to life or a mobile clinic for medical and humanitarian operations. Or, by applying the very same care and experience, they stretch limousines which are unparalleled the world over.

A 300 wagon built for a very rich "whatever-money-can-buy-lady" from the United States this special automobile on a stretched Mercedes-Benz 300 chassis was built for hunting with lots of extras. Only three vehicles were made. Compare it with the current stretched T-model of the E-class that is produced in larger numbers. This is the automobile for people not willing to compromise in respect to space, comfort and safety.

190c Hearse

190Dc-wagon1.jpg - 76.60 K

1961 190Db Station Wagon

190Dc-wagon3.jpg - 73.42 K

Binz ambulance based on stretched W114 chassis.

More ambulances. Above the W110 version with 650mm stretch and below the current E-class version. We have an example of the W110 ambulance in storage awaiting restoration. The only other known example that I have heard of is owned by the Mercedes Museum.

The latest idea from Binz. An E-class dual cab ute.

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