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Workshop Manuals on CD-rom

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Back in the late 1990's early 2000's, Mercedes-Benz of North America put out a series of workshop manuals on CD-rom. Basically they were the factory manuals  scanned into .pdf format. These  manuals were accessed with Flash. 

Great idea as the Adobe and Flash software was included on the discs and we sold literally hundreds of them, so I would imagine on a world wide basis there must be a lot of them sitting on dusty shelves by now.  However, they never did any updates and now when you put one of these CD-roms into a modern PC or laptop (if it even has a CD-rom drive) it will not run. 

The solution is to follow the instructions set out below to  access the data on  the CD-rom. 

If when you put the DVD in you get a message like this that says "you require Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0"

Click "Start", then either "Computer" or "My Computer" Then you need to locate your DVD drive. It will most likely start with DVD RW (D:) Double click on this.

You should now be able to see three folders called Mac, Program and Win. Double click on "Program"

On the next page scroll all the way to the bottom.

You need to find a file called "Welcome" or "Opening" and there is a small Windows Explorer sign next to it. When you double click on this the program will start.

From here you should be able to just follow the prompts. 

These instructions are for a Windows computer, sorry we don't speak Mac here, but at a guess it is something similar. 

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You require Acrobat 4.0
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Find your DVD drive
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Double click on Program
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Scroll down
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Click on Welcome or Opening