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250SE, only 67000miles

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Location:Canberra Ph 0419 295 458
Body Type:Sedan


250SE 1966, 67000mls, one owner with log books

- Basic history is that we brought it from the estate of the original owner in 2012, was brought as a make quick money prospect, but when we saw how special it was, we decided to keep it as a long term car and put it into storage. Things change and now it is for sale.

- It has been off the road since the late 80's and last registered in 1991.   It was stored in a dark garage in Camberwell Vic and then under the mezzanine floor of our workshop.

- In the boot was a copy of the Mercedes-Benz calendars from 1966 to 1988 (these are not for sale). The son who was handling the estate, said his father absolutely babied the car and loved everything Mercedes-Benz.

- I had it running in 2012 and it drove well, fresh oil and fuel again in 2019 and away it went. Have driven it home and back, no problems. However, it will need some mechanical reconditioning to make it reliable. As an example, it brakes fine, but I am certain that there will be issues if it was driven regularly.  Likewise, things like shock, fuel lines, radiator hoses, etc. The pivot bush in the diff has perished. The front muffler has some small amount of rot.

There are so many things on this car that make it a "reference car". I have used this term before to describe cars that are so original that you can use them as a reference to restore other cars.

- It has never had a radio fitted

- It has never had a hole drilled into the guard for an aerial

- It has never had rear seatbelts fitted.

- All the under dash cardboard trims are present

- It still has the correct rubber floor mats for the front (these never had carpet for the front mats, only the rears)

- When I got it, the seats had tailored velour covers on them. These have preserved the seats to an amazing level.

- The dash and screen timber is just amazing with the correct finish still showing the grain of the timber. (not crazy thick lacquer)

- Under the boot mat is just amazing

- Under the guards have never been painted black or had any kind of anti rust coating.

- Original preservation wax still on floor pans.

- Foam pad is still between the radiator and the support panel.

- Insides of all the bars is still painted and would clean up something amazing, also the small end caps for the rubbers are all present.

- The condition of the chrome is amazing with the grille surround confirming the low mileage as it is not all sand blasted like most W108's are these days.

A few odd things.

- the rear carpets were missing when we got it, owners' son who was handling the estate had no idea where they were. I purchased new genuine MB carpets, but they are in loop pile not box weave

- It has had a respray, why I have absolutely no idea. There are no signs of accident damage. This sounds like a bit of a deal breaker, but when you see the car the rest of it makes up for it.

- The rubber mats on the inner sills have gone hard and crusty, have seen this before on the early W108's. I purchased a new set in 2012 and never fitted them. Lucky as they are now NLA.

- The brake booster has been painted an odd blue green colour, at a guess it was overhauled at some stage.


This car would make an awesome club car or weekend cruiser, that is bound to turn heads. Ideally it needs a new owner who is prepared to go though the mechanical components that will have deteriorated over time. Basically, the braking system, fuel and radiator hoses, etc, etc.

Price is $25000.00