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108 014 12 052174

Main Image
Chassis Number: 108 014 12 052174
Build Date: 1967
Exterior Colour: 221 Dark Green (Dark Green)
Location: USA

Vehicle History:

According to the current owner:

I acquired the car: in 1981 my wife was going through the car adverts in the Los Angeles Times and said there was a 1968 Mercedes station wagon (estate) for sale.  Well, being the car expert I told her that she must be mistaken because Mercedes didn't make wagons until the late '70s.  She said to just shut the &^$% up and call.  I obviously did call and the second I saw the car, had to have it.  I was not astute enough to ask the person we purchased it from (quite literally a little old lady from Pasadena) as to how it came about to be in the USA or even why/how it existed in the first place. 

Quite obviously this is a very special car. Stunning colour and options.

Ignore the 280SE badge it is a 250SE..