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MB Spares & Service Clearance sale.

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18 months ago we closed our spare parts division and have been listing the NEW stock we didn't want to keep for our workshop on our eBay store.  (Google 'Mercedesclassicdiscounts' to find our eBay store)

For those of you who have visited our premises, you will know we have two buildings, one for Spare parts/admin and one for the Workshop. As we continue to down size we are going to move back to one building for all aspects of the business.

Having dismantled over 500 cars in the last 25 years we have an extensive stock of USED parts that we are going to liquidate, so we can fit everything into one building. So, there will be some absolute bargains out there for anyone interested.

Saturday the 16th of November 2019 9am - 4pm we will be having an open day so come along and pick up a bargain. Our aim is to shift as much as we can. Below is a list of some of what we have and some ideas of the sort of prices we will be asking. Obviously, we can't list everything, but hopefully the list below will give you an idea of the kind of deals on offer. 

We will be listing a lot of pictures on our Facebook page in the week before the sale. It can be accessed and viewed without a Facebook account.  

(Goggle "MB Spares Facebook" to find our Facebook page). 

Check it on a daily basis to see pictures of what we will be clearing. Just click on "posts" in the l/h margin and scroll down to see the pictures. 

- Alloy wheel sets $100-150

- ke-jetronic control modules $50

- Late model tail lamps $50.00

- Late model headlamps $50.00

- M117 961 5.0lt long motor $150.00

- M116 983 3.5lt long motor $150.00

- M180 954 2.3lt long motor $250.00

- OM603 960 Factory turbo engine $500.00

- Misc cylinder heads $50.00

- W107 doors $150.00

- Misc Doors/bonnets/mudguards $50-100

- Complete running 180E $350.00

- W186 300b body shell and chassis $2000.00

- W180 220S rear axle $500.00 with damaged body shell

- Chrome bumper $100 - 250

- Plastic bumpers $100

Some NEW parts to be included in our clearance sale on Saturday 16th November. All are New Old Stock and may not be in perfect condition. These are all pick up only.

 Door Skins

W116 SE R/H/R $100

W116 SEL L/H/R and R/H/R $100 each

W126 SE, SEL L/H/F and R/H/F $50 each

W126 SEL L/H/R $50

W126 SE L/H/R and R/H/R $50 each

 Door Shells

W116 SE, SEL L/H/F $150

W116 SE R/H/R $150

W140 SE, SEL R/H/F $150

W123 WAGON R/H/R $500


W116 SE, SEL L/H/F $100

W123 L/H/F $300

W126 L/H/R $100

W126 SEC L/H/F and R/H/F $150 each

W201 Late R/H/R $100

W210 L/H/F $50


W123 $150

W114/115 Early $100

W114/115 Late $100

W116 $100

 Boot Lid

R170 $100

Terms and conditions:

- Happy to answer questions on what we have by e-mail ( or Facebook, but please don't phone and ask. 

- Happy to hold parts for pick up on the day, but they must be paid for in advance and picked up on the 16th of November.

- Generally it is pick up only. We have a fork lift and various trolleys to assist with the heavy items.

- We are reducing stock not selling everything, so some parts will not be for sale. Anything that is crazy hard to get we will be keeping or selling at its regular price.

- Depending on customer numbers on the day, we may be using a "take a number" system and would ask for you patience as you wait your turn.