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One surprise entrant was this very rare 230S Universal. Reportably only three examples were made in RHD. The "Universal" was actually made by a Belgian coachbuilder IMA. The dimensions of the Universal were the same as the saloon cars, only in height did they differ: the Universal was 3,5 cm higher. The car weighed around 105 kg more than the saloon cars. The basis for the Universal from IMA was a stripped saloon with no roof. Not only did IMA uses original factory pressed parts but they also used some "home-made" parts. The most important that IMA made itself was the roof of the Universal, that is why today these cars have a very elegant look about them. These cars could also be easily marked as "IMA-made" because of the stylized triangular rear lights clusters. As these cars were likely to be called upon to carry heavier loads than the saloons, Mercedes equipped their rolling chassis with larger 15in wheels and with a self-levelling strut as standard.