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Wiring loom part numbers 93-97 models

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Bio-degradable wiring looms

Do you own a Mercedes-Benz made between 1993 and 1997?? If so, I may have some bad and good news for you. For some reason there is a serious quality control issue with the wiring looms that were for the engine management systems on these models. What happens with them is that the plastic insulation on the wires becomes very brittle and breaks away leaving bare wires. This results in short circuits which in most cases just leads to a miss in the engine, but in extreme cases results in the car simply dying on the side of the road or even worse causing the Engine Control unit (ECU) to fail. Often the symptoms of this problem occur immediately after a major service or engine work as the loom has to be moved to do this work. When it is moved, the brittle insulation breaksaway and leaves bare wires. The photos on the right are of a complete engine management loom for a 993 E220. Click on them to see full size and then click again to close them.

So what is the good news? Well not that much really. This problem has been around for many years and many cars had the loom replaced under warranty when they were still under warranty or not long after the warranty expired. For some reason it seems that all of a sudden we are getting a huge call for these looms all over again and we have negotiated some super deals on them. Here are some examples:

W124 E280 early version loom, normally $2997.50, our price $1750.00
W124 E220 late version loom, normally $2270.00, our price $1300.00
W202 C220 loom, normally $3556.30, our price $2000.00

Thre are many differant versions so we need your chassis number and the number off the old loom to give an accurate quote. See the pictures below for a guide to help get the number of your old loom. It is a small white tag with a part number and production date. See the picture to the right, the production date on this one is 11.03.93

Finally why the story about them being Bio-degradable? Well, I do know that all Mercedes-Benz cars have every piece of plastic marked with what sort of plastic it is. The idea is that it is possible to strip down a Mercedes-Benz into all of the basic types and recycle it completely. It has been suggested to me by one customer that the wiring looms have been made to be Bio-degradable! A more likely scenario is that Mercedes-Benz made a poor choice back in the 90's when they selected a supplier for the looms.

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W124 E220/E280/E320
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W124 E220/E280/E320 close up
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W140 close up
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W140 S320, S420, S500
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W202 C220
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W202 C220 close up