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Wrong parts received?

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We are all human, so sometimes mistakes are made. In 25 years of trading we have nearly seen every mistake possible:

- Correct box, but wrong parts in it.
- Mistakes in the EPC, especially with the LHD V's RHD question
- Differences of opinion on what is the left and right side of the vehicle
- Vehicles that unknown to the owner have been previously modified
- We picked the wrong parts off the shelve
- Incorrect diagnosis before parts were ordered

The list goes on and on.  Should the fault be ours we will rectify the situation as quickly as possible. 

Should the fault be with the customer and the correct parts are still required, the return freight costs and freight costs for the correct parts must be paid for the customer. 

Should the fault be with the customer, and the parts are not required, depending on the situation, MB Spares may approve the return of parts for a credit. This only applies to stock lines and a handling fee will be applied, as detailed on the form below, if the goods are approved for return.

Parts specially ordered in and electrical parts will not be accepted for return.

Notification of a mistake must be made within 7 days of delivery of the parts. Before returning any parts, please contact us for approval. If approval has been granted, please download the return form below and then send the parts back to us.  

Goods must be in there original packaging and must not have been fitted or used in any way. It is the customers responsibility to check suitability prior to fitting or preparation. Goods not in the original packaging will not be credited.