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220a 1955 Sedan

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The 1955 220a pictured on the right is arguable the best Roundie sedan in Australia. Restored by one of our customers with help from us over a period of 5 years this truly is an example of what you can achieve if you are prepared to put the effort into it.

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Our involvement in the project was mainly with the mechanical and technical side of the restoration. Every single part of the car was either rebuilt or remanufactured, not just cleaned polished and put back on.

As an example we made new steel brake lines and then painted them the original dark olive green before installing them with new rubber mounts and clamps.

You will see some of the special touches in the engine bay like the original style windscreen washer bag, correct blue finish on the brake booster and remanufactured body ID tags.

Considerable care was taken to keep the car technically correct. For example the 220a which was the first version of the W180 6 cylinder Ponton/Roundie had many parts that were different to the later and more common 220S.

One of he best examples is the the bonnet star is a rigid unit and does not spring back like the later models do.

This vehicle has gone on to win multiple outright wins at Concours around Australia and is a true credit to the owner and our staff.