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Chassis Fault Codes

C1000 Traction System Control Module
C1010 Battery Voltage Low
C1011 ASR/ETS/ESP Circuit Open or Shorted
C1012 Battery Voltage High
C1020 CAN Communication Fault
C1021 CAN Communication With EA/CC/ISC Control Module Interrupted
C1022 ESP CAN communication with the engine system is faulty
C1024 CAN Communication With Engine Control Module Interrupted
C1025-003 CAN Communication BAS communication with ESP control unit faulty
C1034-000 ESP No signal via CAN from the ETC (electronic transmissioncontrolunit)
C1035 ESP Fault in CAN communication with N80 steerting column module
C1043-015 No signal via CAN bus from the IC instrument cluster
C1100 Left Front Axle VSS Circuit Fault
C1101 Right Front Axle VSS Circuit Fault
C1102 ETS/ASR, ABS Left Axle VSS Circuit Fault
C1103 Right Rear Axle VSS Circuit Fault
C1121 AIRmatic: fault in component B24/3 (acceler. sensor)
C1122 AIRmatic: fault in component B24/4 (acceler. sensor)
C1123 AIRmatic: fault in component B24/6 (acceler. sensor)
C1132 AIRmatic: fault in component B22/8 (level sensor)
C1133 AIRmatic: fault in component B22/9 (level sensor)
C1135 AIRmatic: fault in component B22/3 (level sensor)
C1140 B34 ESP Brake Pressure Sensor (Electrical Fault)
C1140 Steering Angle Sensor N49 faulty
C1142 ABS LateralAccelerationSensor Open/Shorted
C1144 AIRmatic: fault in component B7 (pressure sensor)
C1140 ESP fault: pin 18,19,20 on ESP controller corroded
C1145 ESP fault: pin 18,19,20 on ESP controller corroded
C1145 Zero Point Offset Error Of Component B34 (ESP Brake Pressure Sensor)
C1185 A7/7b1 BAS Diaphragm Travel Sensor (Electrical Fault)
C1186 A7/7b1 BAS Diaphragm Travel Sensor (Zero Point Variation)
C1187 A7/7b1 BAS Diaphragm Travel Sensor (Open Circuit)
C1200 BAS/ETS light on: stop light switch defective
C1207 stop light switch defective
C1300  Left front axle solenoidvalve (hold) (A7/3y6), short/open circuit
C1303 Right Front Axle Solenoid Valve (Hold) Open/Shorted
C1311 Switchover Solenoid Valve (Release) Open/Shorted
C1312 Master Cylinder Switchover Valve
C1314 Solenoid valves, voltage supply, open or short circuit of wiring
C1401 High Pressure Return Pump Circuit Open/Shorted; Will Not Shut Off
C1401 High Pressure Return Pump A73N1; ABS return pump relay K25
C1501 SPS P-Valve
C1504 BAS light, play in steering column causes steeringanglesensor to lose memory(?)
C1512 Brakes Overheated
C1525 ABC Critical vehicle level
C1600 Temperature After Engine Is Turned Off