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112 021 22 0088827

Main Image
Chassis Number: 112 021 22 0088827
Engine Number: 189 981 22 000794
Build Date: 196?
Exterior Colour: Blue
Owner's Name: Gerard Cole
Location: Sydney

Vehicle History:

This car was offered for sale on Carsales dot com dot au in September 2017 for $108,000.00. The description was as follows:

IMAGINE DRIVING AWAY Very Rare and Original Automobile ****Smooth and comfortable to drive working air suspention. Genuine sheep skin covers over well worn leather seats. Absolute pleasure to drive. Reconditioned air-conditioner, New brakes, shocks and suspenrtion airbags. Machanically sound. Needs some TLC Registered in NSW. "It was said that the car was once owned by Rupert Mudoch

Interesting car as it has factory A/C in the second version with the rectangular vents (early was round vents), but has the earlierversion engine. Also has manually operated sunroof.

There is some confusion with the chassis number. The rego papers list it as 112 021 22 0088827, which is too many digits after the 22, could be 008827, but that should mean it has the later engine? So it could be 0008827 with the wrong engine?