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112 023 22 003987

Main Image
Chassis Number: 112 023 22 003987
Engine Number: 189 985 22 000550
Build Date: April 1963
Exterior Colour: White Grey code 158
Owner's Name: Mark Lawrence
Location: Geelong

Vehicle History:

I acquired the project shell and parts from Walter Ventura of Adelaide who had the car for 12 years. He bought it from a WA based person who had imported the car from Washington in the USA. The car was originally made for the UK market. 

It has a build no 00007 of all Cabriolets. Perhaps it is the first RHD made ? Enquiries are being made. 

The data card is correct on the numbers but the Karosserie (Body ) plate number has a quirky error identifying it as a manual. The data card says it is 112023 22 00007.
The plate is 112023 20 00007 but there is no evidence of manual fitments in the car. The rest of the data card matched the car precisely. There is a second data plate with the chassis number as per the data card.

The car is at Sleeping Beauties in Brisbane an will undergo a complete nut and bolt restoration which is well overdue. It is off to sandblasting as you can see from the photos.

I will update the pictures as the project unfolds.

I have fallen in love with 300SEs and have acquired 3 of them. They came with 4 spare engines and gearboxes plus other parts!