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116 033 12 051032

Main Image
Chassis Number: 116 033 12 051032
Build Date: 1976
Exterior Colour: 930 Silberblau Metallic (Silver Blue Metallic)
Owner's Name: Alfred Barg
Location: Berlin Germany

Vehicle History:

Update October 2013
The current owner has posted up a very detailed website for the car. You can see it here:
Shots of this 450SEL were listed on this forum:
Along with a theory that it was on ebay in the USA before being restored in Berlin??
I also found shots of it on this site: in 2009. But, the rear window seals are differant?? The text in Polish states that it is a prototype, which I think is incorrect as there are much earlier cars.
In March 2011, whilst in Germany on business, I met with the owner who showed me the car. It was stored in an underground carpark and had not been used for the winter.
It is a very nicely preserved example with a few modifications. There is an extra drip rail about the rear side glass, a unique interpritation of the rear bumpers and some minor changes to the trim in the load area.
In November 2011 it was listed for sale for 39900 euro on