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115 110 20 299911

Main Image
Chassis Number: 115 110 20 299911
Engine Number: 615 912 20 275232
Build Date: 30.10.1972
Exterior Colour: 904 Dunkelblau Mitternachtsblau (Midnight Blue Dark Blue)
Owner's Name: Christian Dannert
Location: Essen Germany.

Vehicle History:

Now here is a great story. This is a W115 220D Crayford wagon, the first picture as taken by John Green (webmaster of this site) in a shopping center car park in Sailbury in the UK some time in 1999.....
We posted this picture on our registerty asking for more details and if anyone knew about the current condition of the car. The next day our Service manager Chris Righton tell me he has seen a mention of it in an English Classic car magazine. (Second picture)We find it and there is an e-mail address of the current owner. We Contact him and this is the reply:
Vehicle history:
The car is unusual for a Crayford conversion as the base car features only a 220D diesel engine. It is not bad equipped for a diesel Mercedes from the 70s however, with leather, a sunroof and power-assisted steering. It was delivered without self-levelling suspension, though.
The history of the car is almost unknown. When I bought the car in the Essex (UK) region, the vendor invited over a former owner from 20 years ago. Unfortunately, he did not have any photographs but reported that the car had been treated badly as it was used for transportation of logs. The vendor had acquired the car a few years ago but never started the refurbishment that it deserves and his wife gently asked him to pass the car on, which he did on eBay. I bought the car and collected it in a frantic two-day bash (Third picture, taken by current owner) that was most interesting as the seller was a landlord in rural Essex and we enjoyed his hospitality very much.
And finally a couple of pictures from the Crayford archives. These pictures are courtesy of the Craryford Car Club President Barry Priestman.
If anyone know any more history on this car or other Crayford wagons like it, please contact the webmaster.