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M.B Spares & Service has a great reputation for delivering the right part the first time. And it is for that reason that we don't have an online store.

Back in the old day before the internet and online stores, cars were much simpler. But now that we have the technical ability to offer you an online store cars have got so complicated that we feel good old fashioned service is better. Here are a few of the hundred's of examples why we would prefer to talk to you or exchange e-mails before you make your purchase.

- The W203 C class has four different types of front brake pads! Basically it is easy to work out what suits what. The C180 has the smaller ones and the C55 the bigger ones. But it not quite that simple. When the C class was being sold as a run out special they fitted the C55 brake package to all models including the C180. This is a classic example of a car that needs to have parts ordered by chassis number as many owners of these cars will have no idea about this.

- For some reason in 1984 Mercedes-Benz made a very minor change to the size of the O ring that seals the oil filter housing on the W102 230E engine. It is critical to get the right one for your car. This part must be ordered by engine number.

- Quite often there are extra parts required to fit the parts you think you need. Once again using Brake pads as an example in most cases you need to buy the appropriate wear sensors to go with your pads, some have 4 some have only 1. We also supply the correct fitting paste at no charge with all brake pad sets sold.

So we hope you realise that in this modern world we would love to offer our customers the benefits of an online store, but until Bill Gates or some other guru works out how to build a fool proof online parts system we are better off to stick with phone calls and e-mail exchange. You can also check out our Spares pages here.

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