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Newsletter No.077 Stocktake clearance, Classic Exchange, 300d

Newsletter Number 77
6th July 2004

Welcome.  At last we have updated all the specials lists and done the stock take. See below for details. Also in this newsletter are details of a new website we have started and yet another interesting "What the?"

We also have news of a very rare 300d Limosine that we will be selling by tender in the cars for sale section.

Thanks John Green.


Website administration.

Once again we have just upgraded the site, this time to comply with the Australian new anti spam regulations and to improve the speed of the site as it grows. As a result this means that all the URL's of the pages have changed. If you have any of our specific pages book marked you will have to do this again. Those of you who are very observant will have noticed that the pages on the old site had 3 digit numbers and the new pages now have 5 digit numbers so there is heaps of room to grow. Here is an example of what happened to Newsletter 57



The old URL's will no longer work and as mentioned above if you have any book marked you will have to change them.

The update also allows us to adhere to the new Australian Anti Spam rules. You will have noticed the Unsubscibing details at the base of the e-mail that told you about this newsletter. That is now automated and there is now a two stage process to subscribe to the website, so it is impossible to subscribe someone else to our site without there authorisation.

What the?

We received an interesting e-mail about our Binz Ambulance that was the subject of the "What the" answer in the last newsletter. Ken Carmicheal who was the first to get the "What the?" from two newsletters ago sent in the following:

Glad I got the answer right.
Queensland club member Greg ###### owned one some years ago (circa 1978-9?) and I had a bit to do with it at that time. I have some pictures of it taken at my house, which I will scan and send to you when I get the computer fixed so it will recognise the scanner.
It was in quite good condition then and he sold it to a Sydney club member, Brian #######, who was a plumber - starting  to sound familiar, isn't it?
You can have a good cry when you see the "then" pictures.
Ken C.
So it would appear that it had another life between being an ambulance and being a plumbers van. If Ken finds the pictures I will post them.

The correct answer to the "What the?" from the last Newsletter is the W100 chassis. The vehicle in question is (or rather was) a W100 600 sedan. The picture is on a German MB clubs site. Go to the picture and then click on the "play" button in the top right hand corner and enjoy the entertainment.

The correct answers came from Martin Butson in Victoria who thought is was a 600SS! and Peter Haworth also from Victoria.

Now on to this weeks "What the?". It was sent to me by Michael Pick and it a a real good one that even I don't have an answer for. So I will be interested to see if someone can enlighten us all! Here is Michaels e-mail and the pictures.


Hi John
I have just received your latest Newsletter, which I always enjoy reading. Thank you for always including such interesting material.
I have just recently returned from a trip to rural parts of Laos, a country that is very much undeveloped. In my travels, I came across the two Pontons in the photos. The blue one is a 219, but the red one had no badges so I'm not sure what it was. There was no-one around, so I didn't want to walk around in the owner's yard....
The other picture is of a vehicle I've never seen before. I'd be interested in knowing exactly what it was. It had the square look of a Rolls Royce about it, but with MB insignia, wheels, etc. Is it the real thing ? I've never seen such a thing. Sorry about the quality of the photo. Shortly after I took this, the owner came and drove off, so I never got a chance for a better one.
Feel free to use the pics in your Newsletter if you wish.
All the best....Mick

 The two Roundies appear to be both 219's. This was an interesting model made as a hybrid of the 6 cylinder front of the 220S and the 4 cylinder rear of the 190 joined together at the firewall. E-mail me with the answer here if you know what the mystery car is.


Stocktake Specials

Ok, we have done the stock take. It took forever but it is done and we have updated the website listings. The additions to the lists all have an asterixis ( * ) in front of them. To find what we uncovered for your car please click here and then select your chassis style from the list. Here are some of the more amazing finds we came up with:

- Set of diff bearings for a W100 600 sedan, Pullman or Landaulet.
- 180D Roundie/Ponton crown wheel and Pinion gear set
- 450SEL 6.9 lower ball joints
- 450 D-jet injection computer
- Piles of 170D (OM636) engine parts. 

We have also updated the Recycled parts pages. To find what we have for your car click here and then click on your chassis style. We have tried to delete all the parts that have been sold in the last few months that were listed on these pages. However as our stock is constantly changing please understand if you ring or e-mail us and we tell you it is sold. Who knows maybe we can even find you another one!

Joke of the week.

This apparently is a real lable off a childs toy!

Classic Exchange.

We get a lot of e-mails from clients who wish to sell their car and either ask us to list them on the website or to give them some pointers on how to sell their car. As a result of this and other research we have done we have started another website specifically aimed at offering the Classic and rare car Community of Australia a cheap and effective way of selling there cars. The site is called and was officially launched on the 25th of June.  If you go and have a look at it you wont see many cars there but we are working on promoting this to the Classic and rare car community of Australasia. So please have a look, sign up and if you have a car for sale please list it.

As we are offering free advertising we are obviously trying to do everything as cheap as possible to start things off so we would ask that if you know any other "Car buffs" that you forward the details of the site onto them by "cutting and pasting" this section of the Newsletter to them.  Thanks.


Links of the week.

Here is the official definition of bad taste in a classic Mercedes-Benz.

If you happen to be in Poland this weekend you might like to check out the 2nd annual Ponton meeting.

Or if you cant make it, then check out the website of the club that are running the weekend.

We received an e-mail from Jeroen van Diedenoven who is a member of the Mercedes-Benz W114/115 club in the Netherlands. Here is a link to there website.

Cars for Sale.

Since the last newsletter we have sold the Vito Flexivan, the 320E and the Maroon 250 LWB. The 250LWB (Long Wheel base) went to Davide Frada who is the administrator of the OZVETS mailing list that we sponsor.

We have just purchased a 1959 300d Limosine. It is a real stunner traveled only 110000mls from new and has only had two owners. We purched it from the estate of the second owner who purchased it in 1966. If you are interested in the car please send me an e-mail. It will be sold by tender.

We also received into stock and have since sold a nice W123 230E.

We have another E220 sedan for sale, as the last one went quickly if you are interested call in quickly to see me. This one has dual front air bags, MB-tex interior and electric windows along with all the normal MB features.

We have a ML320 coming later this week, so if you are interested in one of these please e-mail me.

Click here to see all the cars for sale.

Also in stock we have:

E220 1994 model 151000kms

E320 coupe 1994 model with only 117000kms

260E 1989 model only 123000kms

190E 1987 model, 180000kms

380SL 1981 roadster 140000kms

280SE 3.5 sedan 1972 model 

C200 1996 model 176000kms Rare manual transmission!

Collection of three factory Stretch Mercedes-Benz's

So that's it for another newsletter. Hope you liked what you saw.  If you have any ideas or want to contribute any articles, pictures or other material please e-mail me here.  Also, don't forget that you can check out the old newsletters here

Thanks, John Green.