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Newsletter No.048 Things have changed! New C Class lineup, Carsoft diagnostics,

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Newsletter Number 48
8th November 2002

Hello and welcome to another newsletter.

Hello again.  Yes, I know it been a while since the last newsletter.  In the last month there have been many changes made at M.B Spares and Service.  We now have a NEW 8 bay workshop and are well on the way to building our dismantling and parts storage shed.  All this has been a lot of hard work and many, many hours of overtime.  To give you one example, I estimate that in two weeks we sent over 20 Tonnes of scrap metal to the Scrap metal merchants.  Most of it had to be moved by hand.  We also had to trash 30 cars that used to be in the old outside dismantling yard. (don't worry we got all the good parts off first).

So that's why the big gap between newsletters.  However life goes on.  We have more cars to sell and some fresh cars that have come in for dismantling.  Also in this newsletter, we have info on next years W203 C-class, a special deal on A/C system servicing and all the other usual stuff.


John Green.

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Things have changed!

As mentioned above the many of the changes I mentioned in the last newsletter have happened.  Bob has settled into his new job as "Spares Manager" and we now have a dismantler working for us.  We welcome Rod to our business. He is a qualified Panel Beater and has already come in handy with a few of our customers requests.  Please remember the two different e-mail address's for Spares and Service.

Spare parts enquires are handled by Bob Edwards

Service enquiries are handled by Les Ingram 


New C-Class line up announced for 2003.

Mercedes-Benz have used the Sydney motor show to debut the 2003 model-year C-Class family. The following is from a press release for Daimler Chrysler:

The successful Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the safest car in its category, is reasserting its role as the technological leader in this market segment with a new generation of four-cylinder engines, including a new supercharged entry-level four-cylinder unit, new high-tech innovations, and for the first time, a C 230 KOMPRESSOR Sports Coupé.

"Thanks to the unique new TWINPULSE system, the powerful new four-cylinder engines deliver improved fuel consumption and the smoothness of a six-cylinder engine, for a higher level of driving enjoyment," said Matthias Lührs, Managing Director Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars.

Over 9,000 drivers in Australia have decided in favour of the current C-Class, since this Mercedes model series was introduced in November 2000. Worldwide, over 760,000 drivers have opted for the C-Class, since series production commenced about two years ago.

Five-star safety: NCAP tests passed with flying colours

The results of current crash tests carried out in accordance with the European NCAP standard (New Car Assessment Programme) once again documents that the Mercedes-Benz C-Class provides the highest level of safety in its market segment. The Euro-NCAP organisation has therefore awarded the C-Class a five-star rating, the highest available in this test category. At present only two cars in the world have attained this exemplary result.

This confirms the value of the innovative safety concept behind the C-Class, which is in line with the latest Mercedes crash research findings and as such is tailored to providing the highest level of occupant protection geared to the realities of day-to-day- road traffic. The standard safety equipment of the C-Class includes adaptive airbags for driver and front passenger, which deploy in two stages according to the severity of the accident, side and windowbags, belt tensioners, belt force limiters, and now also a further developed "fix seatbelt" warning. The front-end structure of this Mercedes Saloon is designed with real-life rather than just simulated accidents in mind and features a three-stage system, which comes into play in accordance with the severity of the collision. This ensures that the C-Class offers the best possible occupant safety in the event of collisions at medium speeds, which are particularly common. Also, crash repair costs are also lower thanks to this system.

New four-cylinder engines: more output, more dynamism, lower fuel consumption

The newly developed four-cylinder petrol engines in the C-Class feature the unique TWINPULSE system, which combines different technologies such as a compressor supercharger, intercooler, dynamically variable valve timing, four-valves per cylinder, Lanchester balancer and an adaptive drive system. With a low fuel consumption the system offers a high level of driving enjoyment, the smoothness of a six-cylinder and therefore even more of the typical Mercedes long-distance comfort.

The range of outputs extends from 105 kW for the new C 180 KOMPRESSOR – 10 kW more than the C 180 – to 141 kW for the new C 230 KOMPRESSOR, which Mercedes-Benz offers exclusively in the C-Class Sports Coupé. With 15 percent more torque the C 180 KOMPRESSOR (Saloon) betters the fuel consumption of its predecessor by one litre per 100 kilometres according to the NEDC. For the C 200 KOMPRESSOR (120 kW) the fuel consumption advantage is 0.6 litres / 100 km versus the previous four-cylinder engine, and 0.7 litres/100 km for the C 230 KOMPRESSOR, which was previously not available in Australia.

The performance of the new engine variants in the C-Class is equally exemplary, emphasising that the claim to dynamism is also justified in the case of the four-cylinder models: the C 180 KOMPRESSOR (Saloon) accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in only 9.7 seconds and is therefore 1.3 seconds faster than its predecessor. The maximum speed is 223 km/h -- 13 km/h more than before.

With annual unit sales of 130,000 four-cylinder models in the C-Class and an average annual mileage of 40,000 kilometres per vehicle, the start of series production for the new, economical TWINPULSE engines allows a calculated annual saving of more than 47.8 million litres of premium petrol in Europe alone.

Automatic proximity control: more comfort with DISTRONIC

The innovative proximity cruise control system DISTRONIC will also become available in this vehicle class for the first time from autumn 2002. This system from the Mercedes-Benz CL, SL, S and E-Class detects a vehicle in front with the help of a radar sensor and uses the reflected signals to calculate the distance and the relative speeds of the two vehicles. If the gap between the C-Class and a preceding vehicle is reduced, DISTRONIC automatically closes the throttle or – if necessary – applies the brakes to maintain the set distance. Once the gap has increased again, the system accelerates the car to the previously set speed. The driver is able to call up a screen on the central display in the instrument cluster at any time, which informs him about the nominal vs. actual distance from a vehicle travelling ahead. DISTRONIC is available as optional equipment for C-Class Saloon and Estate models.

Powerful bi-xenon headlamps: more safety at night

High-tech systems previously only available in the top models by Mercedes-Benz now also provide even greater safety and comfort in the C-Class: powerful bi-xenon headlamps for dipped and high beam have up to 180 percent more light output then conventional H7 bulbs and therefore make driving at night even safer. Mercedes-Benz offer this high-performance lighting technology as optional equipment for the C-Class Saloon, Estate and Sports Coupé models; the bi-xenon equipment package also includes dynamic range adjustment and a high-pressure headlamp cleaning system.

Clear lenses and special indicator lens optics further enhance the headlamp design of the models with bi-xenon technology and accentuate the technically progressive appearance of the C-Class.


The following recommended retail pricing for the four-cylinder C-Class model range includes new pricing for the C 180 KOMPRESSOR models and pricing for the new C 230 KOMPRESSOR Sports Coupé. Pricing for the C 200 KOMPRESSOR has not changed.


C 180 KOMPRESSOR Manual CLASSIC Sedan $52,800
C 180 KOMPRESSOR Auto CLASSIC Sedan $55,900
C 200 KOMPRESSOR Manual CLASSIC Sedan $60,374
C 200 KOMPRESSOR Auto CLASSIC Sedan $63,474
C 200 KOMPRESSOR CLASSIC Wagon $66,974
C 180 KOMPRESSOR Manual Sports Coupé $50,800
C 180 KOMPRESSOR Auto Sports Coupé $53,900
C 200 KOMPRESSOR Manual Sports Coupé $57,374
C 200 KOMPRESSOR Auto Sports Coupé $60,474
C 230 KOMPRESSOR Man Sports Coupé $67,800*
C 230 KOMPRESSOR Auto Sports Coupé $70,900*
* Includes leather upholstery as standard.


 Discount rubber seals

We still have some stock from the list of discount rubber seals that we published in the last newsletter. Check them out here.  These are all limited stock and will sell quickly.  All of these seals are genuine German rubber, not cheap Asian copies.  The list price is what they sell for from a Mercedes-Benz dealer here in Australia.  All prices are in Australian dollars. The rubbers with no discount price beside them, are available but not at quite the same discounted price.

 If you are interested in any of them and wish to place an order please check out this page first. (you will find an exchange rate converter there).  To order from within Australia, please ring 1300 787 300 and speak to Bob.  To order from outside Australia please send an e-mail 


Carsoft Diagnostic Systems.

    Last newsletter we announced that we had coming the latest in Mercedes-Benz diagnostic tool the Carsoft system.  It is a P.C based diagnostic tool that communicates direct to the onboard computers in modern Mercedes-Benz's.  We selected the Carsoft system from a number that are on the market, after quite some investigation and thought.  If you want to see more about it have a look at there website.

One of the features that helped us decide to buy the Carsoft system is the ability to trick the ASSIST system that all Mercedes-Benz models have had since 1997.  In our opinion this system of variable service intervals based on driving style is flawed and does not suit all drivers.  We have several customers who have had problems with engines caused by poor oil change interval.  The Carsoft system allows us to shorten the service interval to what ever we feel would suit that particular customer.  This process is obviously done by negotiation with the customer.



Special of the month.

Summer is just around the corner and we have already been suffering from high temperatures here in Canberra, so I thought it was time for a special for our customers with Air Conditioning.  All Air Conditioned cars should have their system serviced every three years.  This involves evacuating any gas left in the system, changing the receiver drier (the filter) and regasing the system.  Using a special deodorising spray to kill all the bugs that live in your cars A/C system.  We also do an electrical check of the system to ensure that the thermo fans are working and that all is well.  Lack of maintenance of the A/C system can lead to some expensive repairs further down the track.

So the special of the month is that for November we will offer a $50.00 discount on all Air conditioning services.   Normally this would cost $350.00, but for customers who book via e-mail to our Service department we will do it for $300.00.  We can also do a system regas without any of the above checks for $100.00, a $25.00 discount from the normal price of $125.00.  To book either of these please contact our service department on 

Links of the week.

Try this link to add some colour to your day.

On of the members of the OZVETS mailing lists has posted some pictures for a Finnie run the MBCV had a few weeks ago. You can find them here.

You thought that it costs heaps to register your car here in Australia?  Try this link for info on registration for visiting diplomates to Singapore!

Cars for dismantling.

Since the last newsletter we have had the following cars come in for dismantling:

- 280CE W123 1978, nice low mileage car, red with cream MB-tex trim in excellent condition, elec windows, cruise control, good engine and auto, has bad side swipe on l/h side.

- 420SEL W126 1986, another low mileage car, champagne with tan leather in "as new" condition, no cracks in the dash and perfect walnut timber, great engine and a freshly installed RECO auto transmission, whoever owned the car last must have been really annoyed when it was written off as the auto looks like it has only been in there for a few days.

- 450SEL W116 1975, rusty heap with a seized engine, metallic orange with a green interior (some people have no taste!), electric windows, no idea if the auto is OK

-300SEL W109 67, looking at this car it is hard to believe that this was once the best car the Mercedes-Benz made!  It is terrible, BUT it does have a very good engine in it and these are very hard to get second hand. One other odd thing about it is that all the electric window regulators are worn out except for the drivers front one! Normally this is the worn out one. Must have been replaced not too long ago.


Cars for Sale.

In the last newsletter we had four cars for sale.  All have been sold and we have just this last week had four news cars arrive. A C200, a 230E, a 260E and a mighty 560SEL. I also thought that I would give Colin's old 250 another run as it really is a nice old car and deserves to go to a good home.........

Remember this car? It is a low mileage one owner gem. Well, it is for sale again. We sold it to a chap in Adelaide within 24 hours of  the Newsletter we promoted it in being published! His wife does not like the car so he has to sell it. Here is the text from the e-mail he sent me:

The car is on full registration, which expires in march 2003.
 Blue M Tec trim, which is in outstanding condition, as are the original floor coverings. 
Body colour is off white, and whilst it presents well, really to do justice to the mechanical condition, should be at least below the window wastes be re painted. 
Tyres are in good roadworthy condition, with plenty of tread. 
The car drives well, and the motor driveline is very strong.  It uses no oil and has no oil leaks anywhere.  Speedo shows 64000 miles, which I have no reason to believe is not the correct mileage. 
Just had the windscreen replaced with a new rubber, as the screen had a bad stone chip, right in the line of vision.  Car is on full insurance, which likewise expires in March, and I would be prepared to leave that policy uncancelled.
Car has a Phillips radio, which I suspect was fitted when the car came into the country, has both air conditioning which works better than the company commodore, and the power steering is also working well with no leaks.  Car comes with NOS headlight protectors, and appears to be fitted with factory screens to the front radiator panel.
I would like to see this car go to a good home, has been a one owner car, until I purchased it in February.  I am only selling it, as my wife is not comfortable in driving it.
Sell price say $5000ono.  Any body interested? If so his e-mail address is

C200 Elegance Sedan 1998 model.

Elegance version of the popular C200 model. White duco with unmarked grey M.B tex, 10 stack CD, factory alloys and all the usual C class features, service history with books.. $33990.00AUDMore details




260E Sedan 1988 model.

This car drives like the colour "Rocket red". Only 144000kms . Cruise control, tilt action sun roof, air conditioning, multi point central locking etc. 16" alloy wheels. ABS  Cream M.B tex,  good service history with books.. $18990.00AUDMore details





230E Sedan 1986 model.

148000kms from new, Black metallic with grey cloth interior, elec windows, sun roof and alloys with new tyres, great service history. $14990.00AUDMore details





560SEL Sedan 1986 model.

560sel-bronze.jpg - 55.94 KAn excellent example given the mileage. 240000kms but with a condition that looks more like 150000kms. Champagne duco with tan leather trim. Like all 560's it is fully optioned right down to the electric rear seats and the town and country horns system. air conditioning, multi point central locking, power steering, tilt action sunroof, climate control, etc, etc $17990.00AUDMore details


So that's it for another newsletter. Hope you liked what you saw.  If you have any ideas or want to contribute any articles, pictures or other material please e-mail me here.  Also, don't forget that you can check out the old newsletters here

Thanks, John Green.