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Newsletter Number 26

Hello and welcome to another newsletter.

Well, we have got all the stock from Tamworth packed away now. It was a much larger task than first anticipated. The sales brouches were certainly a hit with the newsletter readers as we have sold heaps of them. We have taken the chance, whilst putting all the stock away, to redo our parts clearance page. A preview of the page appears below.

John Green.

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Whats up with the website?

Have you noticed that we still have some hassles with the site?? The MBClub page for the ACT is still off on holidays and there are a few other problems. I have tracked it down and will be fixing it as soon as I get this newsletter out. The problem is to do with the compatability of our new server and the various web browsers out there. Most of our pages have a URL with the file extension .htm. It appears that to be fool proof you need to use the file extension .html. No idea why this was not a problem for the last four years but now it is. I have to change all the file extensions to .html and all will be OK according to the tech guy at out ISP. (Lucky I am better at fixing old Mercs than computers!!!!!)

Central Locking hassles?

After last newsletters heater hassles clinic I have been asked to do a quick run down on the mysteries of the central locking system. So here goes............

There are two types of systems used in MB cars. Both use either vacuum to make the buttons go up and down and the later version also uses pressure. Lets just look at the early vacuum only systems first. These instructions apply to the following models W108, W109, W115, W114, W116, W123, W107 up to 1980

All petrol engines create vacuum in the inlet manifold and all diesel engines have a separate vacuum pump. If you have a look at your car you will see a large pipe running from the inlet manifold (or pump) to the brake booster on the fire wall in front of the driver. Depending on what version you have, this line may also have a small line connected to it. Or there will be a second much smaller line coming from the inlet manifold. This is the source of the vacuum that runs the central locking. If you find that it branches to a heap of lines the one you are looking for is the yellow one. So therefore it is also the first thing to look at. Check that the lines are secure and that there are no leaks.

But the central locking works with the engine switched off??? Yes it does. There is a vacuum tank in the boot (or behind the fuel tank on wagons). You will notice that the yellow line spilts into two in the engine bay. One line goes to the tank and the other to the master valve. The line to the tank is normally yellow with a black stripe. Check that these are all in order. You will also notice that there are some one way valves in the system. Check that thay are still one way valves. If the engine has back fired at some time it may have blown these out. If you have a vacuum gauge you can test the vacuum tank and the lines that run to it from the engine bay.

Next step is a bit more involved. You really need a vacuum gauge but can do without if you are tracing a big leak. The plain yellow one goes to the master switch on the drivers door. From there it is sent to the unlock or lock side of the actuators in the doors/boot/petrol flap depending on what position the key is in. The vacuum switchs are normally not the fault so you are better to find the white and black lines (lock and unlock) that come out of the drivers door and trace then as they snake around the car. You can use your vacuum gauge and test the doors without pulling the door trims off. Otherwise you need to pull each door trim off one at a time and check them. Sometimes you can get lucky by watching which door closes last to find the weak/leaky actuator.

Hope this has helped.

Site of the week.

The weeks site of the week has been sent in by Mark Waterhouse it is a great W126 site from the Netherlands. Have a look here to check it out. The navigation buttons on the left are the same as the switchs used in the console so someone has a great imagination and the tech abilities to do things like this.

Cars for Sale.

The 190b has been fixed and the new owner took delivery of it today. We are still very short of cars for sale but, have a few that we know of that are for sale. They are the following:

280E 1983. One owner car with 186000kms. Full history. Silver with blue MB-tex trim. Fully optioned with Sunroof, electric windows, cruise control, rear headrests and all the other normal stuff. A very good car for somone that has been looking for a W123. Price is $9990.00

380SEC 1984. A real head turner with a AMG body kit. Light blue metalic with immaculate grey leather. Travelled only 145000kms All the usual W126b options. Price is $19990.00.

If they are still around by the next newsletter I will post some pictures.

Specials of the week.

Here is a preview of the new PARTS CLEARANCE PAGE. It is broken down into chassis and engine types so that you can go straight to the stuff that interests you.

170/220/300 (Full chassis cars)

170 headlamp lense NEW $ 75.00
170D head new! $750.00
300 front suspension parts NEW P.O.A
170DS diff $500.00
170D/SD/DS 77mm piston set $400.00
170V/Va piston set (2nd overhaul) $450.00
300d owners manual NEW $ 50.00
170D rebuilt injection pumps $500.00
300/300b/300c engine gasket set $300.00
190 camshaft NEW $150.00
300SL owners manual NEW $ 75.00
170 (all) t/ shaft coupling NEW $ 95.00
300/300b/300c/300d tie rod end $ 75.00

W180/121/120 (Roundies/Pontons)

Rubber underlay 220S front indicator $ 80.00 pair
190 owners manual NEW $ 40.00
190D owners manual NEW $ 40.00
180D parts book NEW $ 30.00
190SL Owners manual NEW $ 50.00
180/190 rear floor rubber mats $ 75.00
180D 77mm piston set $400.00
R/H/F door rubber NOS $150.00
L/H/F door rubber NOS $150.00
Upper control arm with pivot NEW $300.00
Lower control arm inner pivot kit $200.00
Rust free doors, mudguards,boots P.O.A
190/190b/190SL clutch kit (NOS) $300.00
Various grilles P.O.A
Hydrak gearbox with clutch, throw out bearing and fluid coupling $500.00
Sunvisors $ 15.00each
220a front bar centre (replated) $ 75.00
220S/219 distributor cap $ 10.00
220S Brake master cylinder kit $ 30.00
190/190b/180b/180c thermostat NEW$100.00
220a reverse light switch $ 50.00
220a tailshaft coupling $ 95.00

W110/W111 (Finnies/Fintails)

190c/200 rear muffler NOS $ 75.00
220SEb owners manual NEW $ 37.50
Upper control arm inner pivot kit $400.00
Lower control arm inner pivot kit $100.00
190c engine (manual) $750.00
Headlamps good used $ 50.00
230/230S engine (auto) $750.00
230/230S engine (manual) $750.00
220SEb engine (auto) $850.00
Boot rubber new $ 75.00
L/H/R door rubber NOS $100.00
Reverse light switch NEW $ 40.00
Rear screen seal $ 80.00
Pair of NEW 190c/220b t/lamp lense $400.00
Indicator switch NEW $ 95.00
Doors no rust $100.00each
190c/200 engine mount kit $100.00
Waterpumps NEW genuine $ 75.00
Clutch slave cyl NEW $ 50.00
230 (W110) rad/support panel NEW $200.00
Rear shockabsorbers NEW $ 95.00each
230/230S +0.5mm piston set NEW $500.00set
220Sb/230/230S dist cap GB75 $ 10.00
300SE rotor button NEW $ 35.00

W111/112 coupes

W112 side body moulds (Various) $ from 50.00
F&R b/bars suit repair NO RUST $100.00 per piece
Upper control arm inner pivot kit $400.00
Lower control arm inner pivot kit $100.00
Rear shockabsorbers NEW $ 95.00each
300SE rotor button NEW $ 35.00


230SL owners manual NEW $35.00
250SL/280SL owners manual NEW $35.00
230SL +0.5mm piston set NEW $500.00set
230/250SL r/h t/lamp (small crack) $275.00
Upper control arm inner pivot kit $400.00
Lower control arm inner pivot kit $100.00

W100 (Grosser)

Late 15" hubcaps NEW $ 65.00each
L/H/F air valve $500.00
Short motor with oversize pistons and heads $2500.00


Front springs NEW $150.00 pair
280S/280SE/3.5 owners manual NEW$ 35.00
Set of sill mats (4) NEW $175.00
R/H/R door mould NEW $ 35.00
L/H/R door mould NEW $ 35.00
R/H beaver mould NEW $ 40.00
L/H/F Guard mould NEW $ 50.00
L/H/F door mould NEW $ 35.00
Stainless steel exh system $400.00
Headlamps early (Euro lense) $ 50.00
Headlamps late (Euro lense) $ 65.00
Tail lamps $ 50.00
R/H/R upper bumper NEW $ 50.00
R/H tail lamp assy NEW $200.00
Upper control arm inner pivot kit $400.00
Lower control arm inner pivot kit $100.00
Rear screen seal NEW $ 80.00
6 cyl oil sump NEW $ 40.00
Late style 6cyl auto $400.00
250S/SE early indicator switch NEW$250.00
Hubcaps NEW $ 50.00
Clutch master cyl NEW $ 65.00
Stone gaurds $ 50.00
Rear shockabsorbers NEW $ 95.00each
280SE 3.5 three outlet fuel pump $450.00


R/H beaver mould NEW $ 40.00
L/H/F Guard mould NEW $ 50.00
L/H/F door mould NEW $ 35.00
R/H/R upper bumper NEW $ 50.00
R/H tail lamp assy NEW $200.00
Speedo cable NEW $ 50.00
Front vented discs NEW $150.00 pair
Set of sill mats (4) NEW $175.00
300SEL 3.5 diff $500.00
300SEL3.5 3 outlet fuel pump NEW $450.00
300SEL (6cyl) rotor button NEW $ 35.00
New l/h/f air valves $500.00
Rebuilt air valves $325.00
6.3 short motor with oversize pistons and heads $2500.00
300SEL (6cyl) diff $ 400.00
Hubcaps NEW $ 50.00
6.3 engine mount $ 75.00
Upper control arm inner pivot kit $400.00
Lower control arm inner pivot kit $100.00


Seal Hard/Soft top to front screen $ 50.00
Reco 450SL transmission $1000.00
Early non-intrusion bar doors $ 400.00each
Boot lid no rust $ 300.00
Sill moulds SL and SLC (almost new)$ 50.00 each

W114/115 (Compacts)

220 engines (auto and manual) $750.00
250 M114 piston set +.5mm $550.00
230 M180 late Std piston set $200.00
Headlamp covers 1968-73 version $ 70.00
240D auto trans $350.00
Rear screen seal NEW $ 80.00
200/220D std pistons NEW $200.00 set of 4
Hubcaps 14" NEW $ 50.00
Hubcaps 15" NEW $ 65.00
280E rear bar centre piece NEW $250.00
6 cyl oil sump $ 40.00
250CE dist cap and rotor set $ 50.00


Reco early 450SE/SEL transmission $1000.00
Rear springs (no ride level) NEW $ 150.00
350SE auto $ 350.00
350/450SE new front &rear muffler $ 300.00
Hubcaps NEW $ 50.00
Headlamp protectors $ 50.00set
R/H/R door mould SE NEW $ 50.00
R/H/R door mould SEL NEW $ 50.00
6.9 injection warm up regulator NEW$250.00
350SE d-jet motor excellent $1200.00
SE r/h/r door skin $ 75.00


Full set body side moulds with plugs $385.00
300TD rear muffler (genuine) $150.00
L/H/R door seal $100.00
R/H/F door seal $100.00
L/H/R doors USED $ 75.00each
Hubcaps NEW $ 50.00

W126 Sedan and Coupe

380/500SEL new black leather interior with door trims(non elec seats) $1300.00
380/500SEC tan interior $1000.00
C126 coupe l/h door $ 500.00
R/H/R door seal SE new genuine $ 100.00
300SE?SEL power steer pump NEW $ 350.00
Full set of late door moulds and skirts to update 280/380 to 420/560 style $ 800.00
Clear front indicator set $ 110.00
Full set of door moulds and skirts for
560SEC, will fit 380SEC $ 500.00
Set SEC door handles w/key NEW $125.00


Rear brake calipers NEW $125.00each
Rebuilt fuel divder (exchange) $350.00
Clear front indicator set $ 93.50


400E 16" X 8" eight hole alloys with near new tyres $1000.00
Third brake light kit $ 80.00
300E power steer pump NEW $ 350.00
E320 engine done 47000kms $5000.00
Plastic hub caps NEW $ 80.00 each


400-600 front discs $100.00each
400-600 rear discs $ 75.00each
R/H/F door NEW $500.00

W460 G-wagon

Front discs NEW $ 100.00pair
Rear discs NEW $ 80.00pair

So that's it for another newsletter. Hope you liked what you saw. If you have any ideas or want to contribute any articles, pictures or other material please e-mail me here. Also don't forget that you can check out the old newsletters here

Thanks, John Green.