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Newsletter No.020 Damaged 190E,

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Newsletter Number 20

Hello and welcome to another newsletter.

Sorry it has been a few weeks since the last one, but we have been busy. The week before Easter we went to the Mercedes-Benz Club of Victoria Concours. We had a trade display there and I had the Vito entered in the Commercial vehicle division. One of our customer also had his 250SE coupe entered. The good news is that we both won our class's and the 250SE also took out the best engine bay award and the "Most Elegant" award. On the Monday after the Concours we went on a Museum tour. See below for a copy of the article that I wrote for the Mercedes-Benz Club of the ACT. Last weekend was Easter and I went camping with the family, this weekend I have just enough free time to do the newsletter and next weekend is the Shannons 2001 tour. I have got my 1954 300b registered and ready just in time to go on this historic tour. Details will be in the next newsletter. Like I said, life is busy at the moment.

John Green.

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New dismantling stock.

Remember the 190E with the rear end damage from the last newsletter? Last week we purchased a 1986 190E that saved someones life! It had been hit by a Commodore that had gone straight through a stop sign and totally destroyed the side of the car. Have a real good look at the picture and you can make out the intrusion bars in the doors. The lady owner had a few broken ribs and some minor internal injuries but was very happy to be alive and has already purchased another Mercedes.

190E-tbone.jpg - 46.94 K

We have also recieved a few other interesting cars for dismantling in the last two weeks. We have a 1980 450SLC and a 1982 280CE. Both are from Hong Kong and are rusty but have great interiors and mechanicals. We have also ready sold the dash from the 450SLC to a customer in Indonesia. The 280CE has a perfect blue dash as well so any of you guys out there with a W123 with a cracked blue dash this is you chance to fix it.

How big are your tyres??

Tyre size is part of the total design of your Mercedes-Benz. Have a read of this page to see why. Most tyre shops don't seem to care when it comes to fitting tyres and we see so many cars with the wrong size on them. Here is a great website for you to check the difference between what you have and what you should have. Use the table below to check what size is correct for your car, then go and have a look at what is fitted and check them on the site. Use this site for an explanation of how to read tyre sizes (its not bad for a laugh either). The tyre conversion chart will tell you the speedo error if you have the wrong tyres and can be set to read in metric or imperial measurements.

Mercedes original tyre sizes
W108 6 and 8 cyl version 185/80R14
W109 300SEL 3.5 185/80R14
W115 all versions 175/80R14
W114 all except for 280E/CE 175/80R14
W114 280E/CE 185/80R14
W116 280S/280SE 185/80R14
W116 350SE/450SEL 205/70R14
W116 450SEL 6.9 215/70R14
W123 240D/300D/230/250 175/80R14
W123 280E and late versions with alloy wheels 195/70R14
W126 280S/280SE 195/70R14
W126 all 380SE/SEL/SEC and early 500SEL/SEC 205/70R14
W126 300SE/420SEL/late 500SEL/560SEL 205/65R15
W107 350SL/SLC, 450SL/SLC, 380SL/SLC 205/70R14
W107 300SL/420SL/560SL 205/65R15
W201 190E up to 1984 185/70R14
W201 190E from 1985 185/65R15
W124 all sedans, wagons and coupes 195/65R15
W202 all versions except C36 and C43 195/65R15

Drive away to the USA

Check this out. Back in the late 1950's the Mercedes-Benz agents in the USA used to orgainise special tours to Germany for its customers. Even going, at one stage, to giving 75 300d owners an all expenses paid round trip from New York to Stuttgart. Go the 300Adenauerclub site and check out the .jpg files. They are all scans of various articles writen to promote the "Pick your car up at the factory" program. Have a real good look at the MB 1.jpg file. Check out the endless row of 190SL's and the two Roundie cabroilets at the end.

Cars for Sale.

The 280SE 3.5 sold quickly! We are still getting people ringing up about it every few days. One car we have had for a while now is the 230E. Can't really work out why, it is a great car. My wife and I drove it to Sydney for a shopping trip just before Christmas and one of our staff has taken to away for a weekend trip. No new cars for sale this time, here are some of our cars

Have a look here for a full list of our cars for sale.

230E Sedan 1986 model.

230E-ltblue.jpg - 60.21 K

Very well presented car with good service history. Has electric seats with memory on the drivers side. Also has cruise control, electric windows and alloy wheels. Long NSW rego. Diamond Blue with Gray MB-tex interior. Reduced to $15990.00 More details

A160 Classic sedan 1999 model.

A160-blue.jpg - 60.17 K Excellent condition. Has travelled only 25000kms. Excellent fuel consumption. Avant Garde Alloys. CD player. Quad air bags. ABS with brake assist. Still under MB warranty. Look here for more pictures of this car. $28990.00AUDMore details


450SLC Coupe 1978 model. 450SLC-white.jpg - 28.61 K

Excellent V8 coupe, excellent mechanical condition White with brown velour interior, 15" Alloy wheelsPOAMore details


190E Sedan 1983 model.

Very early version of the 190E sedan, sunroof, electric windows, C180 15" alloys with new tyres, Grey with excellent condition tan MB-tex interior. Reduced to $9990.00 More details

380SEL Sedan 1983 model.

Dark blue metallic with grey leather, cruise control, electric windows, climate control, electric seats the lot. Vehicle is a bit rough around the edges but would be a great car for someone to tidy up. It is priced well below average market price. $8990.00 More details

The ultimate car collection??

Here is a copy of the article I wrote for the Mercedes-Benz Club of the ACT monthly magazine:

No doubt elsewhere in this magazine is an article about the recent Victorian Club Concours. Well, here is a run down of the following days activities. We had already arranged a tour of Lindsay Fox's (of Linfox Transport fame) collection on the Monday morning, but whilst at the Concours we also arranged a private tour of Nerio Dizane's workshop. He is the chap who owned the 1915 W5 Benz mentioned in Lynn Harrissons article.

To say that his workshop was an eye opener would be an understatement. Nerio was not able to personally conduct the tour himself due to business obligations, but left us in the capable hands of Lou his mechanic. We were treated to a wonderful display of Brabham racing cars including Jacks 1964 Indy car, several Coventry Climax powered Lotus's and Murray Carters Corvette (as features in this months Unique Cars). Nerio also has a fully restored Brabham Copper, and one of only two remaining "Little cars". Little was a brand brought out by Chrysler in the 1920's so it does have some relationship to our club?? The pride of their workshop was however the W5 Benz and its stablemate a 1921 Benz Speedster that was very close to having its restoration finished. Lou treated us to some amazing discussions on the restoration processes of the Benz's and the Brabham's.

Next stop was "Automoves" the new name for the Fox collection of cars. To give you some idea of what this collection is like here is a list of some of the cars: six 300SL Gullwings, five 300SL Roadsters, Bing Crosby's 300Sc as seen at our Concours last year, 600 Launderlet (super long stretch with cabriolet rear half to the roof) that used to belong to Bob Jane , 2 more stretch 600's, one that used to belong to Ringo Star, 280SE 3.5 cabriolet, 220SE Roundie coupe in original unrestored condition, 170S Cabriolet A, 220 Cabriolet A, 540K (rhd that used to belong to the German Ambassador to the UK) 200 Cabriolet C from the 1930's, 190E 2.5-16 Evo2, 220SE W111 coupe and 250SE coupe, 280SL W113 and 250SL and 230SL.

And then there were the other makes like: Ferrari F40 and F50, Porsche 959 and one of every other Porsche made right back to the 356, the last Carman Ghia Bettle ever made, the third last RHD bettle sedan ever made, a few famous Australian race cars (like the Godzilla (Nissan Skyline) that won Bathurst after hitting the wall in the rain), heaps of Jags including a few of those new super fast ones and a rare Concours aluminium body XK120 roadster, more Rolls Royce's than I could count.........etc…..etc……etc.

Apart from checking out the cars we also got to check out the workshop where they are all restored and maintained. Their professionalism extends to having a timber buck for the production of exact replica panels for the 300SL's. On the wall of their panel shop was a 1:1 scale drawing of a gullwing supplied to them under licence from the MB classic centre in Germany. They were only allowed to have it if they promised not to start mass producing new Gullwings!

Automoves is not open to the public on a daily basis, but tours can be arranged for club members by contacting our Motoring Events Director (Stuart Burton). Entry fee is a donation of $15.00 for the "Very Special Children Fund"

You could say that I had a rather good weekend.

So that's it for another newsletter. Hope you liked what you saw. If you have any ideas or want to contribute any articles, pictures or other material please e-mail me here. Also don't forget that you can check out the old newsletters here

Thanks, John Green.