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Newsletter No.010 Sprechen Deutsch?, History for sale

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Newsletter Number 10
Wow the tenth newsletter already! This one is a few days late as I have been busy this last week and weekend with the local scout group running their Jamboree On The Air. The Indy cars were great last weekend, but unfortunately the wrong team won..... This is the last year for Mercedes-Benz in Indy cars as they are going to be concentrating all their efforts on Formula One next year. Good news I guess for the Formula One team but a major disappointment for the US fans of the three pointed star.
Funny e-mail of the week.
We really did receive this e-mail from someone. Have a good read. He has a W108 sedan that he wants to turn into an SL!!
>I want to modify my old mercedes 250 S 1966 model become 250 SL ( form 4
doors become 2 doors ). from your own experiences. It is possible to do that ?
 does the chassis 250 S suit for the body of 250 SL ? If do, do you sell the whole body of 250 SL. How much it will cost me to buy a complete body include the inside interior.
>Thank you very much.
And my reply

No sorry this is not possible.

Sprechen Deutsch?
How is your German? Have a look at this site.  Try it out by typing in "TYRE". It is really quite impressive, check out the many different types of Tyres you can have in German.

History for sale.
One of my favourite Mercedes-Benz classics is the W111 cabriolet. Here is an excellent looking example with an interesting history. Looks like a very nice original old car. Has never had a radio fitted and has the old style 13" tyres on it still. More info on the W111 Coupe and Cabriolet here. If you go to the bottom of the page there is an interesting web ring.
Cars for Sale.
We have sold the 600SEL and the 560SEL in the last two weeks. Both these cars represented the pinnacle of luxury motor cars in their era. We have reduced both the 230E and the 280E by  $1000.00.
Not many cars this week, we have a 450SL and a 450SLC that will be ready for sale soon.

280E            1979        $5990.00

380SEC        1983        $22500.00

230E              1991        $25990.00 


Bing Crosby was here.

The local German car clubs (including the Mercedes-Benz Club) held their annual German Autofest here in Canberra over the last weekend. The star of the show was without a doubt this fabulous 300Sc that was formally owned by Bing Crosby.

These shots were taken as it was being loaded to be transported back to its current owner, trucking magnate, Lindsay Fox in Melbourne. This model was only made in left hand drive and was the 1950's equivalent of the 600SL. The engine is the same unit as the Gullwing, but with triple down draft carburettors and a conventional oil pump. The rear suspension has electrically adjustable ride height and the car had a cruising speed well in excess of 160kmh.

In one of our early newsletters we featured this page all about the four door version of this model.


New V-Class from USA

 The following is a translation of an article from German car mag"Auto Motor und Sport", 

Until 2003 Daimler-Chrysler wants to extend their US-location Tuscaloosa (Alabama) with investions of 600 million dollars (roughly German Marks 1.33 billion) and with that enhance the capacity from 80.000 units a year to 160.000. Subsequently not only the successor of the Mercedes M-Class (debut at the end of the year 2004) shall run off the line, but also the successor of the V-Class. In the future the big-space sedan doesn't`t share the platform with the front-driven van Vito anymore, but with the next-generation of the offroader M-Class. To set off better from Chrysler Voyager the new Mercedes van shall come onto market from the year 2005 on with all-wheel drive, transverse mounted engines instead of longwise mounted as until now, classic doors ((non-sliding)) and three rows of seats. Also the designation V-Class shall not be used anymore. It is thought of two wheelbase versions with 4.8 metres and more than 5 metres car length, which shall also be available with the then equal M-Class. Both models are basically equipped with air-suspension. Still this autumn ((2000) Mercedes wants to make modifications at the all-wheel drive of the M-Class to enhance the terrain capabilities of the off-roader. In the summer of the next year ((2001)) the engine-line will be revised where the ML 500 will substitute the ML 430.