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Newsletter No.008 ebay, New W203 C class coupe

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Newsletter Number 8
Hello again Mercedes fans. Enjoying the Olympics? It is hard to get away from them at the moment. Even Mercedes-Benz are getting excited about them! The rehearsal of the opening ceremony was excellent.  It was most interesting to watch the real thing on the TV to see which bits they improved!  Talking about Olympics, if you saw the torch relay you would have noticed that there were several Mercedes-Benz vehicles used in the cavalcade of vehicles that proceeded the torch.
Ebay pickings.
Have you ever checked out Ebay? It is an amazing site. You can almost buy anything there. Go here to have a look at it. A search of "Mercedes" found  over 5000 items for sale. These ranged from grotty, very well used, kids toys, to the rights to buy 2001 version cars in the USA. Whilst Ebay is a worldwide site most of the stuff is from the USA. You do see some amazing things and some people who either have no idea of their car or what it is really worth. Have a look at a few of these
I wonder if this is a real Hammer like mine? If so what happened to the original 3.4lt engine and what a waste. Why didn't he do it with a STD 300CE. Years from now this will be looked upon like sticking a 6.3 in a Gullwing. Mind you, I wouldn't mind a test drive. Would be interesting to compare the two cars.
OK, it is interesting, but have a look at how high it sits on the road. Also, there is half a forest inside the car. Not my idea of nice.
This is excellent, the seller obviously knows heaps about the car???  3 speed manual.??? They're 4 speed!  Ballast resistor has been taken out of the ignition circuit???? Its a diesel! The steering wheel reads heaps more than 47000mls or even 147000mls. Interesting chrome moulds around the wheel arches?
Real nice car, with history. Great options (roof, overriders, etc) Wonder what the reserve is? Have a look here to see a full size receipt from the same era.
Only 2000 made? Why do they always forget to mention the 50000 made in all the other years? Does look like a nice car.....
Another 3 speed manual. Were the US spec cars different from the Australian ones????? I had a 190b (1960) in this colour once. The armrest is certainly unique!
A great car to restore? But I am not sure what the 280SE is for. The engine, transmission, interior, bumpers, taillights,etc, etc are all different. Maybe you are supposed to dismantle the 280SE and sell the parts to raise the money to restore the 220SE
Pagoda SL with factory A/C, now that is rare. Pity there is no picture of the unit. Have never seen one here in Australia and have heard that they couldn't make the rhd version with A/C?
Nice looking 6.3, but $40000.00USD! that's $73000.00AUD.
And that is just the cars, there is heaps of other Mercedes-Benz stuff. Have a look at this book. I have some 1950's advertisements for the 300SL and 220S that I brought on Ebay and a Matchbox King Size model of my 230 Ambulance.
Cars for sale.
Another couple of quiet weeks on the car sales front! We have just brought a 1991 230E with 170000kms on the clock. It is an immaculate car sold and serviced by the local Mercedes-Benz dealer. Originally sold to the Indian High Commission and with only one other owner. The new owner of the 380SLC picked up her car last week.  The 560SEL is under offer. We will be updating the cars for sale page this week so make sure to have a look later in the week. Here is the list of current stock:

280SE        1983        $12990.00

280E            1979        $6990.00

560SEL        1986       $23990.00

450SL            1979        $25990.00

380SEC        1983        $22500.00

280SEL        1985        $11990.00

600SEL        1992        $89900.00

230E              1991        $27990.00 

Here is the 280SEL that we have for sale. It has just had ACT rego put on it.

C class coupe.
We have all seen the exciting looking new C Class sedan due for release here in November. Now have a look at the new coupe version. This attractive two-door model will be displayed to the public for the first time at the Paris Motor Show on 28 September this year. The following is from a Daimler-Chrysler press release:

"The name Sports Coupé really sums up what this fascinating car is all about", said Professor Juergen Hubbert, Board Member of DaimlerChrysler AG and responsible for the Mercedes-Benz Passenger Car Division.  "As a two-door car, it underlines the dynamic and progressive nature of the C-class particularly clearly, while its youthful appearance sets new trends for sporty, exciting driving with the high standards of engineering typical of Mercedes."

Temperament, performance and youthful charm can, quite literally, be seen in the face of the C-class sports coupé: the louvred radiator grille so typical of the brand, with the three-pointed star in the middle, clearly identifies the two-door car as a member of the Mercedes sports car club.

This is going to one very flash car with an option of a six speed transmission. So what, I hear you say. There are quite a few cars with a six speed box now, but none like this one. Here is more of the press release:

Electronic gear changes with the new SEQUENTRONIC

A further new development to make its debut in the C-class sports coupé is the optionally available automated six-speed gearbox, SEQUENTRONIC.  The dynamic driving experience is enhanced still further by its fast, agile and precise gear changes, whilst fuel consumption is actually reduced.  The driver's intention to change gear is communicated to the gearbox by electrical impulses, making mechanical linkages and the clutch pedal superfluous.  A light tap on the shift lever is all that is needed for the system to declutch, change gear and engage the clutch again.  In automatic mode, the SEQUENTRONIC system makes life easier for the driver, since it changes gear (on its own) according to the particular driving situation.

I could go on for hours about this new model, but I can't, you see, I am off to the dealer to put in an order for one! (in my dreams)

The SL invasion.

A few newsletters ago I told you of the work in progress in the workshop. One comment was how some jobs seem to come in batches. How about this for a list of cars to fix and supply parts for.

350SL        Water leak from soft top

560SL        Various mechanical problems and some minor restoration.

450SLC      Restoration

450SLC      Damaged L/H front

450SLC      Damaged R/H front

450SLC      Hit kangaroo!

350SL        Rear bumper bar

Add to this list the 450SL that we have for sale and a 280SL that was brought in for wrecking last week we are totally swamped with these things. So if you want to know anything about W107 coupes and roadsters now is the time to ask.