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MB Spares Newsletter No.137

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Newsletter No. 137.


Hello everyone, it has been awhile since the last Newsletter I know. Same old story, so busy with customer orders and activities in the workshop that the time to sit down and do the Newsletter just seems to not happen. We do find enough time for some updates to the Facebook site as this is only 5 minutes at a time, as opposed to the hours that its takes to do the full version of the Newsletter.

So rather than no Newsletter at all I thought that the best idea would be to post up a monthly summary of the more interesting Facebook links as well as the lists of cars for sale and dismantling. You do not need a Facebook account to view the pictures. So here goes:

Pictures from the ACT club Concours

Pictures of the London to Sydney Marathon carwe are building a replica of.

Finished the preservation (not restoration) of a 450SEL 6.9.

An ultra rare parts manual for the Universalversion of the W110 and W111 chassis.

A great "what happened here" quiz. The question was what happened to cause this.

The answer was  hereand here. You can read the comments on the right hand side of the pictures.

And continuing the theme on brakes we had this. Please don't do you own brakes unless you know what you are doing.

Don't forget Spanners and Sausages next Tuesday night.

Every year we have held an event for the local ACT Mercedes-Benz club. Which for the last ten years has become known as "Spanners & Sausages", and to use the club Presidents words "it is one of the highlights of the clubs calendar". The basic format is that after work on the second Tuesday of November we enjoy some refreshing drinks and gourmet sausages. This is followed by a tour of our facilities and a presentation.  To get an idea of what these events are like you can find pictures from last years event here. The event draws club members from as far away as Sydney and beyond.

So, this year you are all invited to attend and celebrate 20 years of MB Spares and 20 years of Spanners & Sausages. It is to be held on the 11thof November, starting off at 6pm. We are normally done by 9-9:30pm.  We will need to get some ideas on numbers so if you are a club member there is no need to RSVP. If you are not you can RSVP any time up until the 5pm on the 10thof November by e-mail.

The event is also listed on ourFacebook page, so if you wish you can RSVP there.




Cars for dismantling in this month:

C200     W202   1996

450SEL W116    1975     good souce of d-jet parts.

230E      W123    1983

450SLC W107    1974      L/H mirror already sold

ML320  W163    2000      Good grey interior

Cars for sale:

E280      W210    1998      Very neat low mileage example.

380SEC W126    1983      Project car.

420SEL W126    1989      Amazing original condition.

SLK200 W171    2005      Fun car, ready for the summer!


Cars coming into stock soon:

313CDI W903    2005      Sprinter mid wheel base fan

450SEL 6.9          1978      Good original car.


So that's it for this Newsletter, be good, drive safely and look after your Benz.

John & Sandra Green.