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MB Spares Newsletter No.134

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Hello and welcome to the June MB Spares Newsletter. Sorry, for yet another gap in the Newsletters. Murray has been away on long service leave (yes he has been with us for that long) and I have been doing his job and mine whilst he was away.

I guess in an acknowledgement of how times are changing we have managed to keep our Facebook page updated as this is a quick and easy task , unlike the time to put together a decent Newsletter.

In this Newsletter we have the pictures from the pagoda 50 event, news of MB Spares shipping classic cars back to Germany and an interesting demonstration of the Mercedes-Benz safety cell.

Pagoda 50 event pictures.

The 17th of March was a landmark day for the International Pagoda Group with the culmination of over 18 months planning ending with 58 cars being displayed on the lawns in front of Parliament House in Canberra. With the aim being 50 cars for 50 years we were very happy when the target was easily meet. Not to mention being parts of such a great moment.

On the Saturday before the display we toured the Canberra region, taking in the Historic Lanyon Homestead and Bungendore Village for lunch. Saturday evening included a gala dinner attended by 170 members of the International Pagoda Group and various Mercedes-Benz clubs from around Australia.

The event attracted worldwide coverage with many articles like this onebeing posted on various Mercedes-Benz dedicated websites. And this one which was in the local Canberra paper. You can find the pictures we took on our Facebook page here, you don't need a Facebook account to view them.

From a MB Spares perspective it was great to see so many of our customers and to see parts that we have supplied making these cars shine on the day. Just as an example we have an emergency call for a 250SL cylinder head only weeks before the event and managed to get it to the customers mechanic in time to be installed and drive to Canberra.

An extra bonus was to have two cars we have worked on take out awards with best 230SL and best 250SL. You can see the pictures of these cars on the Facebook page.

Cars for sale.

As usual when we go for a few months with no Newsletter there is quite a bit of turnover in our cars for sale section.

Cars sold include the incredible E220 sedan with only 26000kms which sold the day after the Newsletter was published. In what is almost a case of "deja vu" we now have a 1993 300E with 74000km on the clock for sale. The interior of this car is quite seriously like a new car.

Also in stock is a great selection of cars ranging from a humble C180 classic all the way up to E280CDI.

E220 Cabriolet

300E only 74000kms

W107 500SL very rare model in Australia.

C180 Classic, 129000kms

E280CDI, update rocket ship.

280TE wagon 135000kms

E270CDI sedan.

CLK320, factory fitted AMG options.

300CE 104000kms

O319 going home.

As regular Newsletter readers will know we listed our O319 Luxusbus for salein February this year. Well it has been sold and is going back to Germany. Whilst i would have loved it to stay here in Australia, it is going to a well know collector of German Classic cars and commercial vehicles. As this Newsletter is being typed we are preparing it to be containerised and then shipped home.

Classic Mercedes safety.

If we go back to the 70's, having an airbag or ABS brakes was only a dream for some designers in Stuttgart, but you would be surprised just how safe these older cars are. As an example read this article I came across from a 1976 issue of the Mercedes-Benz magazine "In aller Welt" which literally translates to "in every place of the world".

You will need to click on the pictures to read the article, but basically a 70 year old lady survived a 6 meter fall from a Sydney shopping Centre car park. This is not the first time we have seen how strong the W114 and W115 series was. Here is a page we posted on our website in the late 90's (hence the poor pictures) of a 280E that did a summersault!

For a more modern perspective, here are some shots on an A class that we dismantled.

Interesting Mercedes-Benz links.

- Don't you just hate cars that are trailer queens? Well this guy is not afraidto drive is 280SE3.5 Coupe.

- The new A45, 264kw from only 2.0lts and all wheel drive. That has got to be an exciting car to drive.

- And here is an excellent addfor the A45 featuring Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

- The official Mercedes-Benz pagefor the 50th birthday of the Pagoda.

- Great article on a 300SL Gullwinghere.

So that's it for this Newsletter, be good, drive safely and look after your Benz.

John & Sandra Green.