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MB Spares Newsletter No.133

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Hello and welcome to the March MB Spares Newsletter. In this issue you will find the final reminder for the pagoda50 event, news of a great new website from the Crayford club and details of the 560GE conversion we did.

Crayford club launches new website.

The Crayford Convertible Car Club has just launched its new website, which has been many years in the making. The site combines many years of research by various members of the club into the many and varied range of conversions that Crayford Auto Developments offered.

MB Spares maintains a register of all the Mercedes-Benz models that Crayford offered a conversion on you can find it here.

Pagoda 50 this weekend.

Well after over 18 months of planning this landmark event is now only days away. Cars are leaving from around Australia and travelling in convoys to meet up here in Canberra on Friday afternoon. The best public viewing will be on Sunday the 17th at Thoroughbred Park where the event participants will be on display from 10:00am as part of the annual ACT Shannons Wheels display. Thoroughbred Park can be accessed from Randwick Rd, Mitchell ACT.

If you own a Pagoda and are thinking about a last minute decision to attend, please let the committee know as all the cars need to be numbered to help us keep track of them. Details on theirPagoda50 website.

MB Spares are providing a breakdown service for the Pagoda's attending the event and have even managed to acquire the usage of a period correct vehicle to use for this. Thanks to Martin Kass we will be using his 1966 230S Universal (pictured in the r/h margin).

Cars for sale.

A couple of new cars in the list for sale, including the most amazing E220 sedan you are likely to see. With only 26000kms and one owner form new it literally looks, smells and drives like a new car. For anyone who is a fan of the w124 series this is your chance to buy something very special.

Continuing with the E220 theme we also have a E220 cabriolet for sale, another great low mileage car.

Also worth a mention is the E320 wagon, it is great value as a family car compared to the original owner who would have paid over $135000 when new…..

E220 time warp sedan only 26000kms

E220 Cabriolet

300CE-24 coupe

E320 Avantgarde sedan

E320 Elegance wagon

A160 Hatch, only 30000kms (SOLD)

O319 10 seat Luxusbus

450SE sedan 1978 update model

280SL roadster 1985 model

How to build a 560GE.

As promised last newsletter I have put together some photos of the 560GE conversion that we have done for a Perth based customer. You can find them here. One of the most important things with a conversion that many people overlook is that you need to start with two complete vehicles. Over the years we have had various people say "I have this engine can you fit it". The engine is only one part of the puzzle as you can see with the wiring loom shot. Much like if you want to convert from auto to manual transmission, you need a lot more than just the different gearbox.

MB Spares also has two W123's that we are doing 5.0lt M117 conversions on. One a coupe and the other sedan. When finished I will do a write up on them.

Cars for dismantling.

Now here is something odd. We are dismantling a Korean car, or van to be more precise. Vehicles in for dismantling this month include a MB100 van that has a blown engine. These vans were quite robust, body and suspension wise, but unfortunately the engines were not made from the same quality metals as the German ones… Other cars in for dismantling include:

- MB100 van, great box and drive train, engine stuffed.

- W124 300E, very ordinary car. (hey, I are being honest)

- W126 420SEL, good auto, great interior but already sold.

- W123 300D sedan, engine stuffed as the harmonic balance flew off, great gearbox.

So that's it for this Newsletter, for those of you attending the pagoda50 event we will see you there. Otherwise be good, drive safely and look after your Benz.

John & Sandra Green.