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Buying From Us

New customer? If so have a read of these pages to understand how we do business.

This page is like a FAQ page but only deals with questions relating to how to buy products from us. Select from the links below to find the information you need. If you need any more info click here to contact us.

Exchange rates for overseas customers

There are plenty of exchange rate converters on the internet. We use the O&A FX Converter. Click here to check it out. All prices quoted by us are in Australian dollars. As currency rates change everyday and some times many…

Freight costs calculator

Here are our freight rates. If you have any questions please send us an e-mail Thanks  Star Track Express delivery We use  Startrack Premium - the benchmark for next day delivery Australia wide to metro areas. Subject…

How to pay us

Direct Deposit. You can pay direct into our bank account. To do this you will need our banking details. For obvious reasons we do not have these posted on the website. Please ring us on 1300 787 300 to ask for the banking…