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280S 1972, factory sunroof

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Location:Canberra Ph 0419 295 458
Body Type:Sedan
For sale on behalf of a customer. 280S 1972 thought to be three owner vehicle, has original delivery sheet and extensive service history showing 187000 miles. Rare Aqua Blue (code 917) with Navy blue MB tex interior. 

Best described as a "survivor" example. Not perfect, but an excellent unrestored example that looks plenty good enough to be enjoyed as is.  Body is excellent with no rust in the usual places with the exception of the panel under the spare wheel which has a poor quality (but effective) repair. Hanging panels are good with the exception of an odd rust hole on the inside of two doors, we suspect blocked drains and a frequently washed car. There is also a poor previous repair on the top of the r/h/f guard. 

No cracks in the dash and the timber is generally in very good condition with the exception of the drivers door, which as always is the first one to suffer. Top of back seat and the parcel shelve carpet is fine, but the trim under the rear window has come away and would need to be reglued. There is a small tear in the drivers seat where at a guess a previous owner has got into it with something in his/her back pocket.  

Has been off the road for the last 5 years and has been recommissioned by us. Fuel system clean out, rear brakes, waterpump, new battery, etc.  We have also polished the chrome since these pictures were taken.